Don’t Let Them Steal Your Power

Don’t Let Them Steal Your Power

Once your make a decision to improve your life, start think positively, or give the law of attraction a try, you will notice that you run into a few obstacles.

Granted, the hardest are the limitations you have set in your own mind, sometimes you will find situations with other people will test your resolve.

I strive to have a positive attitude in every situation, and to be kind to people who are mean. Everyone has a bad day, you don’t know why someone is in a bad mood.

It usually has nothing to do with you personally, but what is going on in their life or they may just be frustrated with the situation at hand. Rarely is someone truly upset with you even though they may direct their grumpiness in your direction.

The ultimate test the universe can give you is to see how you react to a bad situation. Do you control your emotions and keep your power, or do you let other people steal your power just because they are in a bad mood?

I’m sure you have heard the saying “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” and “Your attitude determines your altitude”.

How you decide to react can make the difference between keeping your power, or letting other people steal your power and your joy.

One busy day working the cash register in a gas station, I was getting a lot of large bills and was running out of $5′s and $10′s.

The manager had already gone for the day so I was on my own when it came to change. I made a sign out of a paper bag asking for small bills, but just as fast as I would get them, they would go back out again.

An older woman wants to buy a sports drink. “Mam, these are on sale 2 for three dollars, if you’d like to get another one.” I tell her. She gruffly replies “No, I just want this one.”

I tell her “Alright, that will be $2.15″… “No! It should be $1.50″ She exclaims in a huff. “I’m sorry, you have to buy two of them to get them at that price.” She huffs off towards the cooler to get another one, not saying a word. I apologize to the people in line behind her and let them know it would be just a minute before I could wait on them.

She comes back and throws the other sports drink on the counter.

“That will be $3.25″ “CAN I HAVE A BAG?” She yells. “Absolutly!” I smile and put her drinks in a bag while she pulls out 3 dollar bills and a quarter and hands them to me. “Oh, can I get change for this $20?” she asks.

“I would love to, however I am low on $5′s and $10′s today…. it’s..” “WELL! Then give ME back MY 3 dollars and take this twenty INSTEAD!” She says with puckered lips.

I had my drawer open at this point and realize that I am down to my last $5 and $10 dollar bill.

I had a few choices at this moment — I could refuse her sale, take the drinks and give her back all her money (we are allowed to refuse rude or disruptive people).. I was strongly tempted to do this.

I also noticed that I had a big stack of $1 bills.. so I could give her back $17 in ones.. I started laughing as I looked at them.

At that point I was very amused. There was no way this grumpy woman was going to steal my power! I had the choice to be rude back, to be a smart ass, refuse her service.. or I could respond with kindness and joy!

So with a big smile on my face I give her my last $10, $5 and two $1. She looks at me out the corner of her eye, counts the money, grabs her drinks.

I tell her “Thank you, enjoy your drinks!” She huffs off with her lips puckered as if she just ate a lemon. I, on the other hand had a big smile on my face for the rest of the day.

I refused to let anyone still my power! I reacted to the situation with happiness. I treated her like I wanted to be treated if I was having a bad day and being a grump.

Don’t let anyone steal your power!