Five Steps to Attract More Money

Five Steps to Attract More Money

At dinner with friends recently, someone asked me how to attract more money when they are already doing everything right, feel they deserve it, and don’t know what’s wrong. They feel stuck.

I’ve written about this subject a lot, but I could tell these people were holding my feet in the fire and wanted more. So I gave them the five steps to attract more money:

1) You or someone you hire has to have an eye on money

Money doesn’t want to be pursued directly, but indirectly. You have to follow your dreamsand keep a watchful eye on whether you are making money or not. The old catch phrase, “Do what you love and the money will follow” should actually be, “Do what you love and sell it.” That’s why Walt Disney said, “I want to make money from my movies so I can keep making movies.” Yes, follow your passion, but also watch what money is doing around it.

2) Money needs to be appreciated

Most people see money as a necessary evil. They wouldn’t even want it if they didn’t need it to survive. That’s a poor attitude. Money can sense you don’t appreciate it. You need to learn, as Arnold Patent says, “The sole purpose of money is to express appreciation.” Start showing your gratitude for money and you’ll begin to attract more of it to be grateful for.

3) Money is a tool that can be leveraged to attract more money

Most people don’t know this. When you get money, give it, save it, spend it, and invest it. A friend in Australia once taught me that he has learned to make money from his money, and then to make money from the money he made from that money. (Think about it.) He means to attract money from doing what you love, then invest it in some way, and then invest the money you make from your investment.

4) Give it away

This step is part of number three above, but deserves its own explanation and focus. Most people hold on to money. They are afraid of losing what they have, or needing it for something they fear will happen. Again, lousy attitude. It means you’re really believing in scarcity. Even though every prosperity teacher says to give money away, you probably don’t. Right? (Be honest.) I advise people to give a portion of their income (usually ten percent) to wherever they receive spiritual nourishment. That could be a church, an author, a speaker, a bus driver, a waitress, or anyone or anything that inspired you. The key is inspiration. Don’t give out of obligation, give out of inspiration.

5) Clear your beliefs around money

This one is THE most important step, because if you have unconscious beliefs about money, you will filter out the opportunities around you to attract more money. You won’t see them! Money is everywhere. Trillions of dollars are floating right by you. But you won’t see any of it with belief blinders on.

Money is a wonderful tool. With it you can help yourself, family and friends, and causes you believe in. Make peace with money and begin to enjoy life on a whole new level.

Your move.