Robert Reich: Like a Tyrant, Trump Is Deploying Seven Techniques to Control the Media

Democracy Now

December 2oth was the 146th day since Donald Trump last held a news conference. As the Electoral College backs Trump, we speak to former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, now a professor at the University of California, Berkeley. “Democracy depends on a free and independent press, which is why all tyrants try to squelch it,” Reich recently wrote. “They use seven techniques that, worryingly, President-elect Donald Trump already employs.” We speak to Reich, who discusses how Trump uses seven techniques to control the media.


  1. redjeans

    This is a pathetic attempt at defending the indefensible. YOU are the very reason the public doesn’t trust the media any more, and yet you are whining of losing your free speech rights. The reason you are now facing the Trump backlash is that the media has abused its privileges and sacred duty of reporting the truth in favor of ideologically vetted “news” for way too many years, turning it into a factory of fake news that nobody believes any more. Just like you are responsible for Trump’s victory, you are equally responsible for his slamming the media now, and they deserve it. Keep denying your own responsibility in this state of affair and there will be no improvement in the media’s standing in the public’s eye. That is, the non-leftist one’s.


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