Looking at the already iconic photo of Ieshia Evans standing serene yet defiant as police officers in riot gear descend upon her Baton Rogue, Louisiana brings to mind the chant, aimed at police officers in situations like these: “Who Do You Protect? Who do you serve?” The photo is already being compared to iconic photographs such as the image of time a white cop had an attack dog go at a high school student attacked in Birmingham, Alabama. Then, as now, a variant of that question also worth examination is “what do you protect? What do you serve?”

#BernieorBust spokespeople YahNé Ndgo and Greg Haddock lay out the rationale for their commitment to the growing #BernieorBust campaign.
In today’s podcast, we will discuss how the #BernieorBust campaign will shift tactics after Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton and attempts to circle the wagons by bringing his voters under one big happy Democratic tent.

“I have a bigger lead in pledged delegates than Senator [Barack] Obama, when I ran against him in 2008, ever had over me. I am winning,” Clinton told Rachel Maddow in response to a question about winning over those who #FeelTheBern. “And I’m winning because of what I stand for and what I’ve done and what my ideas are.”

Translation: Dear Bernie – the party is over. Time to shut up and get in line.

In this interview I ask Dr. Stein if she would accept a VP slot if Bernie were to seek the Presidential nomination of the Green Party. We also touch on a wide range of issues including: how to attract more millennial to the Green Party, whether or not we should be working to end capitalism, how the Jill Stein campaign has prepared for the moment Bernie would be forced out of the race and whether or no it was a mistake to launch her 2016 campaign so early.

This week, Dennis interviews Shaleece Haas, Director of the new documentary REAL BOY (www.RealBoymovie.com). It is a film about “the coming-of-age story of Bennett Wallace, a transgender teenager on a journey to find his voice—as a musician, a friend, a son, and a man. As he navigates the ups and downs of young adulthood, he works to gain the love and support of his mother, who has deep misgivings about her child’s transition. Along the way, Bennett forges a powerful friendship with his idol, Joe Stevens, a celebrated transgender musician with his own demons to fight.”

Also, as a bonus, Chris Hedges on why he thinks Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart have destroyed satire.

The Obama administration has long called itself the most transparent administration in history. But newly released Department of Justice (DOJ) documents show that the White House has actually worked aggressively behind the scenes to scuttle congressional reforms designed to give the public better access to information possessed by the federal government.